Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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hypnosis weight loss

It is time for you to now lose weight and feel great.  That's right!  You have already been given the suggestion so allow it to become part of your reality. As long as you are ready and willing to lose weight, you will start doing so. This is one of the suggestions out of so many that is given while you are in hypnosis.  You body reacts to your mind's way of thinking.  Therefore, once the suggestion is given and repeated while in hypnosis, your mind begins to accept it as true, thus influencing your physical body.  

  • Will you have to stop eating those foods that are unhealthy for you?  NOT Necessarily.  
  • Will you have to stop eating all those delicious, sugary desserts that you crave?  NOT Necessarily.  

If you want to stop eating those types of foods, then so be it.  However, this is your choice, and if you would like to continue eating those types of foods, the portions can be controlled so that it doesn't affect you negatively.  

Most people have tried many different weight loss techniques only to have the weight come back after some time.  With hypnotherapy, you not only lose the weight over time, but you also keep it off.  If there are any underlying subconscious issues causing your weight gain, that is dealt with in order to help you lose the weight and keep it off.  While using hypnosis to lose weight, you lose weight within a measurable amount of time, which is much safer for your body.  More importantly, the concept of your body image is worked on while in hypnosis, therefore changing your own beliefs about your body image as well. 

  • Will you have to do rigorous exercise in order to achieve your goals?  NOT Necessarily.  

Exercise is recommended and it's great to keep the physical body thriving. We are physical beings as well, so it's beneficial to engage in some physical activities.  Some people don't like to do regular exercise so they find creative ways to exercise through various activities like dancing, swimming, jumping rope, martial arts, etc.  You can choose your own exercise routine, pacing as needed to help you achieve your goals.  We make this is fun as possible to help you get those results!

Whatever your issues are when it comes to your weight, come on in for your Hypnosis session and learn to control your own weight using the power of your mind.  The beauty of this is that once the weight is gone, and you learn to control it using your own mind power, it stays off!  


So start now by doing this mini exercise:

  • Close your eyes, breathe in and out a few times thinking to yourself, relax.  
  • Then, in your mind's eye, imagine as if you are looking in the mirror. As you look in that mirror, see the healthier you with your own ideal body weight, with your intended body image, looking back at you.  Smile as you are now seeing this. Know that you are now doing what you need to do to help you to maintain this image of the healthier you. 
  • Feel this within you as you smile once more, breathe in and take in that image of you at your ideal body weight. 

Now open your eyes, and let your power of your mind transform you. 


Start today by contacting me, Renukha, to help you with your weight loss goals.