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Everyone in this world experiences loss on some level. Each of us that are born into this world will die at some point. Some of us experience loss in times of divorce, loss in separation of some sort like friendship or from family, or even loss of stability as in difficult financial times. Once we lose someone or something that we cherish, then we experience the grief as a result.

The grieving process for each person varies from one individual to another. Many people say that time will heal the wound, but it's what you really do in time that heals the wound. Time itself does not heal; how well you learn to cope with your feelings and how much you do for yourself that does the healing. My hypnotherapy blog gives more information that focuses on Time, Healing and Wounds.

Various professionals like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and John Bowlby have categorized the stages of grief in an attempt to have a systematic approach to dealing with it. According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, there are five stages of grieving namely, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. According to John Bowlby, the process starts with shock and numbness, yearning and searching, disorganization and despair, and finally reorganization which is redefining life and meaning without the lost one or thing. In whatever stage of grieving you may be experiencing right now, hypnotherapy can help to alleviate the hurt you are feeling in order to move on from the loss.

You might ask yourself; does hypnosis work to help me experience peace from loss? Can I really get better from this? I too have gone through my own profound loss and I too had many of the same questions. Within a brief period of time, once I was determined to take charge and heal, I was able to experience that incredible peace that I had been searching for, and it happened for me through hypnotherapy. So why let yourself suffer another day when you can find peace in your loss. You can live from joy as you are entitled to. You can live your life fully without the shadows of your past haunting you.

Whether it's a loss that happened 20 years ago or one that recently happened, time will not heal the wound, hypnosis and health can. Various healing modalities like Eye Movement Therapy, Breathwork, various types of Regression and closure that you need to experience can be used to help you heal. The anger, no matter who it's for or with, can be effectively handled. The numbness and depression can be healed so you can feel again. Your life can have the meaning you want to give it and the joy that you want to experience in it. Take your journey inwards with hypnotherapy and claim the joy that belongs to you today.

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