Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

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WHO WERE YOU IN YOUR PAST LIFE?past life regression hypnosis

Have you ever wondered why you have deep-seated fears or strong feelings about certain periods in history, certain cultures, certain relationships, or places with no rational explanation whatsoever? Have you ever considered why you might have a powerful connection with an era, or certain historic objects?  This may be because you were connected to it in a previous lifetime. The theory of reincarnation and transmigration was developed by Hinduism to explain the soul's eternal existence.  According to the Hindu scriptures, the soul is influenced by latent impressions that remain with us throughout lifetimes. These karmic impressions can be physical, psychological, or emotional.  Once these karmic impressions are healed and cleared, the soul is no longer influenced by them.  

One way to clear these karmic impressions is through Past Life Regression Hypnosis (PLR Hypnosis). Past Life Regression Therapy became famous in the 1950s to help with deeper healing.  Since then, it has evolved to help millions of people not only to connect but also to heal the memory of that past life in order to remove the karmic effects of it in the present life. One famous advocate of Past Life Regression is Dr. Brian Weiss, who has helped millions of people connect and heal on a deeper level.  Dr. Weiss appeared on Oprah in 2008 with his client Jodie, who was healed through Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy for her fear of dolls. 

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A physical condition like a migraine that has no explanation in the current life may be rooted in a past life event and Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy may clear that migraine when no other healing modalities have worked.  Anxiety rooted from a traumatic incident in a previous life may be cleared using PLR. Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Renukha helps you to connect to your past life and guides you through a powerful healing protocol so you can achieve lasting results.

There are many reasons besides curiosity to have a past life regression. Whether you want to heal the effects of a physical symptom you have carried in your entire life or you want to re-live the experience of your most romantic relationship throughout time.

Call me, Renukha, today to find out more of how past life regression hypnosis may be beneficial to you.