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Many of us have questions about our existence and what happens after we leave this present life.  Why are we here?  What is our purpose in life?  This can be answered by doing Lives Between Lives Regression (LBL).  LBL is the state in between lives; it is the period from the moment the spirit body leaves the physical body in the present lifetime to just before the spirit body takes physical incarnation in the next lifetime.  In LBL, the soul's path is explored in the after-life realm and insights are gained as to choices made over lifetimes and challenges are explored as well. 

Lives Between Lives was accidentally discovered by Dr. Michael Newton during a regular hypnotherapy session to help a client discover the cause of her loneliness in the present life.  In that session, the client unexpectedly connected with her soul and realized that none of her soul friends/family came to the present life with her; hence the feeling of loneliness persisted in the present life.  She realized that she had planned the present life this way in order to learn independence and to learn to cope with Earth's challenge on her own. 

Like Dr. Newton's client, we all have memories of our soul's path of existence. In deep hypnosis, and with proper guidance from a highly trained hypnotherapist, we can access those memories and learn more of our soul's path.  We connect on a deeper level with our soul and can experience our unique LBL existence.  From the many LBL sessions I have conducted, I have found that each of us has a different experience.  In all these sessions, the clients' were met by spirit guides or higher beings to help them understand their true nature, and to help them answer questions they have about their soul's journey.  



There are many reasons to have a LBL session.  A few reasons are:
- Talk to your soul for inner knowledge and awareness
- Meet your higher guides and spirit guides
- Connect with your soul companions
- Discover your higher purpose and goals that you set out to achieve in the present lifetime
- Connect to ascended masters, higher source, and the "I AM" presence
- Recognize your special gifts your present lifetime
- Enhance relationships in your present life
- Gain better understanding of your purpose in your family
- Learn why you chose your current physical body

A LBL regression is typically longer than the regular hypnotherapy sessions. It can run about 3 hours, maybe 4 hours sometimes.  In order to reach the LBL state, we use a past life experience as a primary way to bridge into the LBL state.  A review of that past life is done to help you heal any traumas or karmic impressions from it, and then we thoroughly take you through your experiences in the after-life realm.  This is an experience that can truly transform your life.  

Get your LBL regression with me, Renukha, a properly trained Transpersonal Hypnotherapist to guide you to gain a better understanding of yourself on a much deeper level.