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Enhance Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy

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Did you know that Tiger Woods and many other athletes, even Olympians, use sports hypnotherapy? In the Olympics held in 1956, Russia's Olympic team took eleven hypnotists with them to evolve mental lucidity and assist the athletes with their performance. This has been used as an effective tool for athletes to enhance their performance while playing. If you ask hypnotherapists, they would likely recommend hypnosis for self confidence. It can also be used to improve the ability of the athletes' minds to quickly learn and understand concepts, which can be instrumental for people to play a new sport or to excel in the sports of their choice.

enhance sports performance

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy breaks down the mental blocks that hinder your development. It helps remove underlying negative memories that may cause stress and low self confidence. If these blocks are successfully out of the way, you can maximize your potential in whatever sports you want to play. This is possible because hypnosis can give you the inner strength that you need to improve your mental bond with your sports.

Another major reason why undergoing hypnosis in Florida is a good option for athletes is that it's all natural. It helps athletes perform better without taking drugs, pills or drinks. Instead, they are only required to exercise their mind for a bit to match the strength of the body.

Sleep is essential to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. A good quality sleep can help you to heal and to focus in your daily life with enough energy to help you function effectively in your daily activities. Sleep patterns vary from individual to individual, and even the number of hours of sleep needed varies with each individual. Generally speaking, adults require less sleep than children in order to feel rested. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults generally need between 7-9 hours of sleep, yet that number varies with each individual.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Athletes

Hypnotherapy works because it accesses the subconscious mind, which drives peoples' beliefs and behaviors. It can be an important tool for athletes dealing with self-doubt, athletes who want to improve their technique, athletes who want to hone their skills, and athletes who want to achieve greater success and recognition in their career. It can also be used to intensify the athletes' ability to focus on their game and to get rid of performance anxiety, especially before a game.

There are major areas where hypnotherapy is most needed for athletes. These areas include the following:

  • Performance Anxiety. It helps address performance anxiety caused by being in a competition, by having to compare their performance with their competitors, and by dealing with the pressure of having to perform better. Hypnotherapists help athletes whether they use auditory, visual or kinesthetic representational systems. Afterwards, they would use the right kind of imagery to help athletes realize their goals.

  • Coping with the pain. Hypnosis methods are used to help athletes deal with pain, such as distraction, dissociation, hypno-analgesia, time distortion, and relaxation. With distraction, athletes are encouraged to focus on positive things rather than the pain. With dissociation, athletes are taught to separate themselves from the pain. With hypno-analgesia, the pain is reduced. With time distortion, the athletes are made to feel as though they are suffering only for a short time. Lastly, they are aided in relaxing their mind and body to avoid adding to their pain. With hypnosis, the athletes can recover very quickly from sports injuries. By hastening the recuperation time they can quickly get back to practice & contests.

  • Achieve their goal. Imagery is used to help athletes visualize just what they want to do to reach their goal. They have to see themselves realizing the goal and by doing so, they would do their best at reaching that goal. According to hypnotherapy blogs, this usually works at its best when athletes need short bursts of energy to accomplish their goal, such a weight lifter lifting something heavier than that of their competitors or a defensive football player tackling an opponent.

If you want to improve your performance in sports too, you may want to start with hypnosis to get rid of your fears, stress, and anxiety. Eradicate hurdles to your success; use hypnotherapy to win in whatever sport you choose to participate in.

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